What Would You Do In 127 Hours?

Over Thanksgiving break, I went to go see the new movie 127 Hours about the incredible story of Aron Ralston who had his arm trapped under a boulder while canyoneering in Utah.  After being alone for 127 hours, he came to the decision to cut off his own arm with a dull pen knife to survive. The film made me think about what would I do in that situation? Could I cut off my own arm? Would I even be canyoneering to begin with?

To answer my first question yes I would have James Franco play me in the film version of my life. Wait that wasn’t the first question… but to answer that, it would be no I would not be canyoneering to begin with. I have a fear of heights and I have a fear of climbing alone. To answer the next question I believe I have the will to live to cut off my own arm, but I would definitely have to keep my eyes closed while I did it. Now for the serious question, what would I do in that situation? I would think of my family, my friends, my past, and my future. I hope these things would give me the strength to do what is necessary to stay alive. And in this time of year of finals and holidays I hope you all have the drive and strength to make the rest of this semester a success and won’t ever go canyoneering alone.

~Zach Hamby, VP of Marketing

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