The City That Never Sleeps

From Virginia to Connecticut by car takes one day.  Followed by a MetroNorth train the next, and you’re in a new world.  Although I’ve been to New York City more times than I can count, it always has something new to offer.  Emerging from the underground tracks of Grand Central Station, we trudged through the streets with our bags to our mid-town destination. Fifth Avenue dripping in lights, Sixth Avenue littered with vendors, and Seventh Avenue spotted with street goers. So much to take in and such little time! Navigating the city grid, we weaved in and out of an explosion of people at every corner, barely breathing in the smell of trash, gasoline, and countless other invisibles. It was then that I realized how country I’ve become!

It’s a kick to think back on all the times I visited the city with my family. Every time I would proclaim my need to live in an apartment by Central Park. Well, there I was, an apartment a block from the park, and all I wanted was to get out!  Funny how the things you want change as you grow.  Manhattan is definitely not for everyone. After four days of city life, we packed our bags and crawled back underground at the corner of 42nd and Lexington. There, I settled into my train car and wished my way back to the fresh countryside air. This is where I will remain, with only occasional visits to the crazed havoc that is the City.

~Amy Remmer, Director of Special Events

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