Let The Battle Begin…

Are you ready for the cupcake battle of the year?!! Well it’s time to start preparing for battle since there’s only two weeks left until Cupcake Wars: JMU edition! In order to “prepare,” this past weekend I munched on some cupcakes and caught a rerun of Food Networks Cupcake Wars, which I can only describe with one word; INTENSE! Not only do competitors have to create cupcakes with really odd ingredients, they also have to make and decorate 1,000 cupcakes in only 2 hours! Luckily JMU’s edition of Cupcake Wars won’t be as intense; in fact it will be quite relaxing (for those who aren’t competing and can therefore feast on holiday treats). The showdown will take place in TDU from 8:00 – 9:00 PM on Wednesday December 1st. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s best efforts in our three decorating categories; JMU, holiday and freestyle. We’ll supply your weapons (cupcakes and decorations) and you bring the fight (your creative prowess). So this week as the holidays approach, don’t be afraid to release your creative spirit. You may just win something sweet.  And did I mention it’s FREE?!

 See you there! Let the battle begin…

~Jordan Lawson, Special Events

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