My Country Accent

This year, I am a member of UPB and love my position, serving as the hospitality chair for the Spirit & Traditions Committee.  When comedians come for events like Funny Freakin’ Friday, I help to arrange for their amenities while visiting JMU, which can include anything from transportation to hotel to food and anything in between. 

This year, I have encountered two comedians and these interactions can be quite interesting due to my friendly personality and my Southern upbringings.  Some people would call me a Southern belle, but I have a country accent and am normally overly talkative and personable.  These qualities are enhanced by being pretty tall, for a girl – 6′ to be exact – and being picked on for my abnormally southern accent for being from Virginia is a completely normal part of my life since coming to JMU.  Last month, I was made-fun-of again when Nore Davis was the Funny Freakin’ Friday comedian.  He had some good jokes on and off the stage towards me and my parents, who were visiting me for Parents’ Weekend.  Like I said, the most common form of picking I encounter is pure mockery of my accent, and this is the first thing that Nore did when I spoke to him on the phone as he arrived on campus.

Funny Freakin’ Friday is an event held the first Friday of every month; so I have plenty more comedians to meet before the year is over and I am curious to see if every one of them mocks my accent.  However, November 5th is our next Funny Freakin’ Friday which is also being sponsored by the Latino Student Alliance, featuring Cesar Cervantes.  I cannot wait to be there to hear his jokes and see you guys there this Friday in TDU at 8pm for some free laughs and fun! 

~Maribeth Jones, Spirit & Traditions Hospitality Chair

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