Listen Up!

Are you so excited about Sara Bareilles coming in December that you can’t wait until the show?! Well you’re in luck… UPB is hosting a Sara Bareilles Listening Party on Wednesday November 3rd from 11 am to 1 pm in TDU! This event will promote her concert by playing her songs, providing games for students to show just how much they know about her, and watch an acapella group (or two) perform her songs! This event is completely free and open for anyone to join for as long as you want! It’s right around the corner, so talk to your friends and other Sara fans, and come out to the Listening Party. It’s going to be a blast!

Look out for a Facebook event invite to “UPB Presents… The Wilson Concert Series feat. Sara Bareilles”!!! The show will be on Thursday December 2nd in Wilson Hall at 8 pm. Tickets go on sale just 2 days after the Listening Party—Friday November 5th at 8 am at the Warren Box office. Also look out for flyers posted around campus about ticket sales soon. UPB is extremely excited for both events and we know you are, too!! See you there!

~Katie Teague, Center Stage, Outreach Chair

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