Grafton: My Home Away From Home

College is a time where people find themselves, hit the party scene, and spend weekends in questionable places. My weekends? Same thing… kind of. Most Friday and Saturday nights will find me partying it up in Grafton theater.

My friends don’t always understand the siren call Grafton sends out, but every time I go there I can feel the stresses of the week wash away amid soothing music and amazing movies. Plus, the delicious popcorn that smells so good while popping tastes even better after 30 minutes of working in the lobby.

 Sure, the movie messes up sometimes and the theater is cold enough to require a parka, but it is my home-away-from-home. If it weren’t for the little idiosyncrasies, Grafton wouldn’t be the whimsical little theater I know and love. It is because of this love that pushed me to apply to be the Grafton Slide Coordinator!

 Grafton Slides—yeah those ads you sit and watch in a loop before each show, are mostly made by me. I knew that I loved being in UPB and in the Film committee, but I felt a deeper draw to become more involved. Finance and administration don’t really appeal to me, but the Slide Coordinator has creative freedom to create anything they wanted. I have spent many hours creating promotions for upcoming movies and general UPB events, and though Photoshop can sometimes be vindictive, I have a great time stretching my imagination.

 It was one of the best decisions of my college career to join UPB and I don’t regret it for a minute. I hope that everyone can find that feeling of a second home during their reign at JMU… meanwhile you can find me chilling in the lobby of Grafton, with the possessed vending machine and wonky lockers, eating my popcorn and drawing up ideas for next week’s slideshow.

 ~Christine Wells, Grafton Slide Coordinator, Film Committee

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