Interview With Michael Ian Black

Last Thursday night, comedian Michael Ian Black performed for a packed crowd in Wilson Hall.  The night was filled with hilarious jokes, awkward moments, and uproaring laughter.  Before the night began, I sat down with Michael Ian Black for a little one-on-one and discussed his stand-up and acting careers, his advice for college students, and even his quest to be the next Angelina and Brad!

UPB: Which do you like more, stand-up shows or acting?

MIB: Both mediums are fun to do.  I prefer stand-up for the most part because you get the immediate response back from the audience.

UPB: What about your recent book?  How does that fit in?

MIB: Writing a book is more fun than TV too because it’s just you.  No one can tell you what is right or wrong when it’s your own thoughts. Versus a TV show, people will they you they love you, then tell you you’re doing everything wrong, then you change it to make them happy, then they don’t like your show and cancel it!

UPB: Do you have any show’s coming up?

MIB: Actually yes.  Currently, we’re shooting a pilot for E!.  The show is called “The Black List” and is a combination of stand-up and a talk show of sorts.  I hope it get’s greenlighted.

UPB: Switching topics, do you prefer doing college shows vs. other dates?

MIB: I do college shows for the credit only.  3 credits for every 4 shows.  I’m working hard for a degree.

UPB: And what will you do with this special degree?

MIB: Work at Starbucks.  What else is a college degree good for.  (laughs)

UPB: What advice do you have for us college students?

MIB: Well…I don’t know. Just don’t worry about grades.  Everyone is so focused on grades and they really don’t matter.  Not once has someone asked to see my diploma.  I don’t even have a diploma, so I guess that works out well (laughs).  Just barely pass.  Actually, don’t even.  I didn’t pass and you can see how wildly uber successful I am!  I’m kidding- work hard and it will pay off in the end.

UPB: Ok.  Switching topics.  What is one thing on your bucket list?

MIB: (thinks…)  I really want to adopt.  From some country.  Like Namibia.

UPB: So you want to be the next Angelina and Brad and adopt babies from foreign countries?

MIB: Who said I wanted to adopt a baby?  I want to adopt an adult.  A wealthy Namibian adult.  Yup, that’s what I want to do.

UPB: Ok then!  Good luck!  So last question.  What are you and your kids going to be for Halloween?

MIB: Actually, when you’re an actor, the last thing you want to do is dress up as something else on your days off.  So I never dress up for Halloween.  But my kids are.  My son is being the Grim Reaper, and my daughter is being a Cowgirl.  I told them they should both just be Grim Cowgirls but  they didn’t agree.

UPB: Awesome, good luck with it!  Have a great show tonight.

MIB: Thank you.

~Mitch Ramey, Public Relations Director

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