Laugh Out Loud!

The countdown has begun; only 4 days until Michael Ian Black! Can you believe it? The show is next Thursday October 21 at 8PM in Wilson! Tickets are only five dollars (I already bought mine) and 2 tickets to the sold out B.o.B show will raffled off!

If you regretted not seeing Aziz Ansari like I did last year, you can’t miss this! Many of you have probably seen Michael Ian Black’s smirk around campus and hopefully you recognized him. I’m a fan of his quirky commentary on “I love the…”  70’s,80’s and 90’s shows on VH1. If you’ve seen his comedic prowess then I’m sure you’ve  already bought your ticket. But for those of you have not (yet)- check out Michael Ian Black on  twitter ( and Youtube some of his stand up. You don’t want to miss out on this, it’s going to be hilarious!

~Jordan Lawson, Special Events

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