How are YOU a Citizen of Influence? Kijiji creates CITIZENS OF INFLUENCE. We believe by helping students discover and identify their PASSIONS more clearly they can have greater influence in their communities and in the world. We also believe your LIFE EXPERIENCES both positive and negative SHAPE YOU into who are today and who can be in your tomorrows. How we CHOOSE to respond to our personal experiences can limit our influence or significantly AFFECT LIVES in meaningful ways to bring about SOCIAL CHANGE. What has your life been like and what passions fuel you?  Some of the greatest CITIZENS OF INFLUENCE in history have faced the greatest adversity and have chosen to fuel their passions with what they learned in the process.  How about NELSON MANDELA?  27 years in prison for his work in opposing the apartheid in South Africa.  Then upon his release, he CHOOSES to use that experience to unite the apartheid-torn land through a unique venture enlisting the national rugby team on a mission to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup.  Undoubtedly, life is an adventure. What have you learned on your journey?

Kijiji is excited to partner with UPB inviting you to come see a powerful film based on Nelson Mandela’s story, INVICTUS (Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon). JOIN US on Monday Oct 11th 6pm in Grafton.  FREE MOVIEFREE POPCORN. You are also invited to stay after for an interesting follow up discussion on the film’s message with our Kjiji participants and staff.

 Check out this trailer:

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