Why I Chose Film

To put it plainly, FILMS ARE MY LIFE!!! I’m a SMAD Digital Video major so clearly they are near and dear to my heart. Movies have been the most important thing in my life since I can remember. I watch all different ones and research everything I can about what went on in the production of it and the actors in it. So, why wouldn’t I want to be able to fuel this passion a little bit more by being on the film committee in UPB?? This way, I’m keeping an even closer relationship with films and getting to pass on the love to others when I’m working at Grafton. I’m always excited to go to work at the theater, it’s so fun (and I love working the popcorn machine! You know popcorn is a must with movies!) I love being a part of choosing what films we can bring to JMU, kinda like an ambassador for the industry! Away from my love of films though, I have so much fun with the other committee members. It’s always guaranteed fun when we’re all together, whether it’s at Grafton, meetings, or hanging out outside of committee work- getting ice cream, hanging out at someone’s house, it’s a blast! Seeing movies for free is nice too =D. I’m really glad I chose to be part of UPB’s Film Committee, working for the JMU student body and providing them with one of everybody’s favorite forms of entertainment- MOVIES!

Speaking of movies…make sure you check out our FREE advanced screening of Life As We Know It (starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel) TONIGHT in Grafton-Stovall Theater at 10 PM.  Get there early to guarantee your seat!

~ Mary Ruth Hart

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