Missing the Family

I am beginning my third year away from home now. Being on my own has taught me a lot about independence, living with others, and time management. Not having a curfew and being treated like an adult by my professors is also a plus. I am definitely enjoying my freedom away from home, except for one thing. I miss my mommy.

Now, I am from California, so my mother is a long plane flight away and it is almost impossible to visit home and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer: fresh-baked cookies and milk, family gossip, warm Sunday breakfasts, walks on the beach, funny movies, and more. Though I could do all these things without mom, it just not the same. We have a connection. The woman gave me life for crying out loud!

Thankfully, she misses me just as much and will be flying to Harrisonburg on the first Friday of October to visit for Family Weekend! Now I have been debating on what there is for a mom to do in the college scene–because let’s face it–moms don’t exactly fit in all that well. I was in need of family fun that was a little more mature than a G-rated movie. After looking at the event schedule, I realized that the comedian, Nore Davis, will be performing in TDU for Funny Freakin Friday. A free comedian is a perfect family event! For those of you that are also trying to find fun things to do with your family with a little explicit content, come out to Funny Freaking Friday on October 1st (8 PM in Taylor Down Under) and turn “family fun” into “family funny!”

~Natalie Hamlin, Spirit & Traditions Campus & Community Outreach Chair

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