Accents at JMU

Yes, I love the Beatles. I probably have about half of their entire catalog memorized, and I regularly trot out these tunes for shower-time singing much to the chagrin of my roommates. By the transitive property, I also love England and everything English: accents, food, people. Sadly I’ve never been to the lovely U.K. to visit all the places that the Beatles graced with their presence.

Luckily TONIGHT, England is coming to JMU along with the land down under, home to adorable kangaroos and the timeless boomerang. Two international artists, Via Tania from Australia, and Freddie Stevenson from the UK, will be playing the Accents Tour and they will grace us with their worldly vocals. Supporting them will be JMU’s own Trinity Edralin with her excellent band. I’m excited to be able to hear a little piece of England and Australia and I hope you are too!

See you there TONIGHT in FESTIVAL at 8pm!

-Elyse, Spotlight Sounds Director


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