A Few New vu’s

As summer quickly draws to a close, I have realized that this season has shone in a three-fold theme that all started with my summer reading debut, Catch-22.  If you’ve read anything by Joseph Heller you know he has a grandiose vocabulary, which is an understatement.  So naturally, I picked up some new terms that will find their place in the many papers I’ll be writing this year…
Heard of déjà vu? Yes. Experienced it? Probably.
Jamais vu? Not so much.
Presque vu? …What?
And so begins the story of Summer 2010…
One night I was having dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house with a few of their neighbors. One neighbor shared a story of his hand-me-down ride, dating back to his college years.  A typical drive – start it up, back it out, down the street, all four wheels fall off… happens to everyone, yes?  Well, two nights later I have an elusive dream of me having to abandon my car on a road and hoof it the rest of my journey.  An interesting thing to dream.  All in good fun, of course.  I didn’t recall this dream until one week later.  I was driving to work, slowing down for a corner, when my car suddenly halts. ‘I don’t remember seeing a boulder in the road…?’ No, no boulder.  But my front driver’s side wheel was sideways…fantastic.  Not to mention smoky.  Well, after the tow-truck hauled off, I hoofed it to work.  Aren’t dreams funny that way?  Déjà vu (or was it a semi-premonition?).
With all four wheels re-attached, I was back at work.  Summer jobs can be an odd experience.  At the pizza shop I work at, it seems that every time I come home from JMU, a whole new staff is employed.  The job doesn’t change, but the people are different.  It feels familiar, yet it’s a whole new experience at the same time; which is the meaning of Jamais vu, “never seen”.
In addition to the pizza shop, I’ve been keeping up with UPB commitments.  I’ve brainstormed an exciting spread of Special Events – most for free – for students to enjoy.  With each new event I feel that I’m constantly on the brink of the next big idea.  While the events planned thus far are fantastic, I still feel there’s more up my sleeve that just hasn’t been revealed yet.  I will wait for those uncovered ideas to surface: Presque vu, “almost seen”.
With my summer now captured under this enlightenment from Joseph Heller, I hope you keep your sights on attending our wonderful programs this fall.  I promise to keep digging out great ideas and you continue to check the website for our upcoming events.  Keep your eyes peeled for fliers and freebies from UPB – see you all in a couple weeks!
~Amy Remmer (Director of Special Events)

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