Doing the Impossible

In my life there are very few instances where I set out to accomplish something that I felt was truly impossible.  At the moment, only 3 of these instances come to mind:

The first occurred senior year in high school, when I very stubbornly refused a car with a manual transmission.  I tried driving it once, but decided never again once I experienced the jolting and screeching of stalling out.  Faced with the choice of driving stick or continuing to rely on my parents and friends for rides, I finally gave in and within days I accomplished the first thing I was ever sure I couldn’t.

Instance 2 happened when I faced Norm Garrison’s physiology class. This was one of those classes- you know what talking about.  After three exams and more coffee than a human being should probably ever consume, I walked out of our final with an A-.  (Insert appropriate oohs and ahhs here!)

 All of this brings me to today, the day I encountered my third impossible experience.  Curtains. I have looked everywhere.  I’ve looked at Obscure Store X.  I looked at Obscure Store Y and Z too.  Did I find any curtains?  Of course not!  Well I did find some, *cough anthropologie-curtains-that-rival-my-first-month’s-rent cough*.  Finally, I reached the point of desperation and frustration, and put one foot in front of the other into JoAnn Fabrics.  From the moment I decided to go the “home made” route, through the moment I carried my beautiful new fabric into my bedroom, my plan involved my mother doing the actual sewing.  This lasted until I looked into my closet, where I saw the last set of curtains my mother made for me; the ones that hung in my room for about a week.  They sit in the exact same spot now as they did when I decided I could not look at them any longer (sorry Mom).  Again, frustration and desperation knocked at my door.  “Fine. I’ll do it.”

Four hours, three re-dos, too many finger pricks to count, and more $^%@#$ than I’d care to admit, one single curtain panel lay completed on my kitchen table.  While I clearly have a lot more work ahead of me, I feel successful in that I completed at least part one of impossible task number three. 

With this accomplishment I have reached a couple conclusions.

 1) Sewing is difficult, but really more a pain.  Either way, if your mother has ever hemmed your pants or created a Halloween costume for you, you should call her now and thank her.

2) Sewing is not a talent I will chose to pursue. Sorry  soon-to-be roommate, if you are reading this…I hope you’re OK with taking the bedroom with two windows.  I only have one panel left in me!

~Courtney (VP of Membership Development)

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