Grafton: 3D

In keeping with tradition- I am going to start my blog post by commenting on the weather. Is anyone else disappointed by the cold, cloudy days? Well, this weekend is supposed to be beautiful…  let’s keep our fingers crossed!

If you are looking for a place to escape the cold, come out to Grafton! Our matinee on Sunday was a big success- and Avatar was amazing! Don’t worry if you had to miss it- it’s showing all this week at 9:30. James Cameron creates a wonderful world of glowing rainforests and gigantic creatures that want to kill you. But don’t let that stop you! There is action and romance, and a slight tint of Pocahontas-themed plotlines. Though we don’t have it in 3D, you should still come out to see it.

Our 7:00 movie this week is Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Bridges plays 57-year old Otis Blake, aka Bad Blake, a country and western singer. However, he is not very popular and only plays in B-rate venues like bowling alleys, and he lives a destructive lifestyle. He is overweight, chain-smokes, and is an alcoholic- which is partially responsible for several failed marriages and an estranged son. While in Santa Fe, Blake begins a relationship with newspaper journalist Jean Craddock (Gyllenhaal) despite the differences in their ages. Blake’s life begins to turn around with the start of this relationship, but with his previous destructive lifestyle- will he be able to live happily?

The pressure is on as the end of the semester is coming closer. Save your last threads of sanity by taking a break from studying and writing papers- come out to watch a movie!

– Christine

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