This Week At Grafton

Another week has passed and we are one step closer to Spring Break… hold on JMU- it will get here! To keep you from overloading on classes, Grafton has brought two great movies!

At 7:00, we are showing The Princess and the Frog. The first animated Disney movie since Home on the Range in 2004, this film was nominated for many awards, including ‘best original song.’ The story follows Tiana, a young girl working as a waitress in order to save money to start a restaurant- her father’s dream before he passed away. She was struggling until an old friend hired her to cater a party in which Prince Naveen is supposed to be attending. The money received from the friend, Charlotte, is enough for Tiana to buy a place to start her restaurant. However, the realtors tell her that someone else is looking at the property and offered more money. Distraught, Tiana walks out onto a balcony only to find a talking frog. Featuring the first African American “princess,” “The Princess and the Frog” may prove to be one of the best modern Disney movies.

At 9:30, we originally had The Blind Side scheduled. However, the film company decided to have an extended release with the Oscars fast approaching, so colleges won’t be able to show the movie until March. However, we are able to bring Brothers Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Toby Maguire and Natalie Portman, the movie tells the story of two brothers, Sam (Maguire) and Tommy (Gyllenhaal) who are complete opposites. Sam is a Marine about to embark on his fourth tour of duty in Afghanistan, married to his high school sweetheart, and has two young daughters. Tommy is a drifter, fresh out of jail, and getting by on wit and charm. When Sam’s helicopter is shot down, he is presumed dead and Tommy steps in to fill the void in Sam’s family. Through his maturing, Tommy and Grace (Portman) begin to feel a mutual attraction. But Sam is not dead, he was captured by Taliban fighters who tortured him within an inch of his humanity. His unexpected return throws the family for a loop- especially with his new withdrawn and volatile personality. Eventually, the two brothers must confront each other, a challenge that they may not walk away from.

So depending on your mood, you have two great movies to choose from. Grafton tickets are only $2.50 with 50 cent popcorn! If you were able to get one of our free Grafton mugs from Crazy Commons on Tuesday, you can bring that in to get ½  off popcorn- only 25 cents! Who can pass up a deal like that?

– Christine

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