In lieu of the upcoming matinee showing of New Moon this Sunday at 3pm, I thought long and hard about which team to join. Since we will have Grafton split with Team Edward on one side and Team Jacob on the other, the decision became even more important. I don’t want to end up sitting in the neutral zone just because I couldn’t make up my mind.

After much debate over which team to join, I came to the realization that the perfect character of the Twilight saga is not quite so obvious. Edward Cullen seems to be the perfect guy, but he does have some flaws. I mean what kind of jerk leaves the woman he loves and steals every form of evidence that he was ever in her life?! (Also, for a vampire, the character in the movies seems to be very hairy. Did anyone else notice his strangely dark-haired chest in New Moon?! Not to mention the monstrosity of hair on top of his head!)

Jacob Black is a pretty sweet guy except that he is slightly immature and hot headed. He also has some pedophilic tendencies, which would concern me when choosing a man. The whole concept of imprinting pretty much sets him up to love multiple women which I guess would make him a polygamous pedophile… CREEPY! Why fall in love with a man who could potentially leave you for another woman… or child?! I mean I’m not complaining that his clothes tear off every time he phases, but if I’m going to completely side with one character, I need to have a really good reason.

Ok now if you ignore the fact that Carlisle has had a wife for hundreds of years, he can really be the perfect candidate! Or you can even look at this fact as a personality trait of dedication and commitment to one woman. Think about it. Carlisle is the mastermind behind the entire “vegetarian vampire” movement. Without him, well, Edward would not exist as a vampire and Jacob would not exist as a werewolf. He practices perfect self-control and has an incredible gift of compassion, which allows him to completely resist human blood—even with his chosen career as a doctor. He is one of the only mature characters who isn’t filled with drama, and the actor who plays him in the movies is also not too shabby. After thinking about it, can anyone honestly not like Carlisle?!

I at least have a little relief now that I have chosen my team…can a team even be a team with only one member?! Please let me know if you’d like to join Team Carlisle by commenting or visiting me at Grafton Stovall Theater on Sunday, Feb 14 at 3pm. I’ll be the one sitting all alone in my own section of Grafton.


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