Team Jacob

Jacob Black is surely a fan favorite.  He has it all, from his rugged good looks, to his perfectly chiseled body, to his witty sense of humor.   What’s not to love?

– Edward is cold and pale, but Jacob has the perfect golden complexion and the toasty body temperature to keep you warm on the coldest nights.

– Jacob is also someone who could make you laugh and whom you are guaranteed to have fun with.  Edward is so serious, all he would want to do is protect you from everything and gaze at you in silence.  That’s no fun!

– Edward, come on, can you say “corny”?  Some of those lines he throws out are just a bit overboard.  On the other hand, Jacob has the romantic aspect going on but he doesn’t push it.  He’ll tell you all the cute things you want to hear without over-doing the cheesiness.

Basically Jacob is the perfect package.  He can be your best friend and the perfect boyfriend all at the same time. You know I’ll be on the Jacob side of Grafton at this Sunday’s matinee showing of New Moon.

– Jessica Romeo

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