3 Minute Crash Course in Dating

When I came to JMU as a freshman, I was so excited to leave old high school romance and move on to my sophisticated, handsome, gentlemanly, and soon-to-be successful boyfriend. This prince charming persona of a mate was one that I thought would be unproblematic to discover. We would fall in love, get married, have two kids, a big house, and a golden retriever behind a white-picket fence—Okay, so maybe a bit of a stretch but a girl can dream right?

But I’m not the only one dreaming. My guy friends complain that they can’t find a lovely lady with whom they see a future and I constantly hear girls use the words “I can’t stand men.” Who would have thought at a school filled with friendly people, we would have trouble finding a romantic match? We all know the select few couples that we see cuddling on the quad, so in love. Along with reminding you of your terrible love life, and sex life for that matter, they make you want to either vomit or find someone that makes you as happy as they are.

With Valentine’s Day rolling around, being single can seem more depressing than ever. However, there may be a solution to finding the cheese to your macaroni. Speed Dating. Here, you will be lined up to have three-minute conversations and have several dates in one night. So stop sitting and complaining about how you’re going to die alone or be a crazy cat lady and come out and meet some folks! Who knows, you may even spend your first three minutes with the love of your life.

– Natalie

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