Tim Blane: My “New Favorite Band”

The unlikely combination of Jazz/Acoustic/Pop have never really gotten along in the past. That all changed when I heard Tim Blane’s music. While their sound rocks, it also reminds me of my 12+ years of piano lessons, Thelonious Monk (aka one of the greatest jazz pianists ever,) and of the four eccentric music teachers I have had in my time.

I don’t think people should be allowed to teach music unless they are somewhat off-the-cuff, and the music teacher I most associate with jazz was probably one of the coolest (and strangest) “cats” that I have met in my life. During our lessons (which, to be honest, were more like story-time) he told me about his time playing in the army band, all the friends he encountered there, crazy “ex” stories, and gigs he had played.

One of my favorite experiences that he shared was about playing with Ray Charles at Galludet University. Apparently Ray had freaked out when somebody had asked for a request and refused to play any more songs. (Mind you, I have no idea whether or not this was true, but it was still amusing to hear).

So, in honor of crazy music teachers everywhere, but also in honor of some really excellent jazz/acoustic/pop, come to the Tim Blane Band concert this week, and I’ll see you there!

– Elyse


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