Comment on this Post to Meet Corey Smith

“What’s your life story?” I have a friend who asks this incredibly broad question every time she has a moment alone with a new face.  The majority of the time she intially gets a startled stare, but then recieves a vast range of answers from the people that she asks.

When it was proposed to me, I took my time contemplating my response. It’s a very intriguing concept – what do I view as the most important events that came together to lead me to this point in my life, and how do I express that in as brief a way as possible?

When I think about meeting Corey Smith next month, I hope that I can hear a few of his amazing stories that he’s experienced so far in his life. I also hope that I will be able to contribute something meaningful to the converstaion from my own life story. Luckily for all the fans out there, UPB IS EXCITED TO GIVE OUT MEET AND GREET TICKETS so you can spend some time with the musician before he performs.

Check out the following events for your chance to win these tickets for you and one friend:

– Stephen

P.S. Make sure to follow us on Twitter (UPB) and listen to JMU’s radio station WXJM for more updates on how to win tickets!

24 thoughts on “Comment on this Post to Meet Corey Smith

  1. I have seen corey smith 3 times already. Every concert, it is obvious the fans (including me) love his song “Fuck the Po-Po” the most !

  2. Maybe Next Year is one of his best songs out there. That seems to be how alot of people do things always putting off what can be done today. That song tells alot about ones life.

  3. My favorite Corey Smith song is “If I Could Do It Again.” The summer after my senior was based on this song and my friends and I lived like that song after graduation!

  4. “Something To Lose” is by far my favorite song. It is one of those songs that can be related to your life, and you can’t help but feel something inside when you listen to it. I love Corey Smith 🙂

  5. “Something to Lose” is my favorite song because of the lyrics. It’s also really great to serenade to whomever is in your passenger seat just to creep them out (sorry to everyone who has ever ridden in my car).

  6. I made a Corey Smith music video to “In Love With a Memory” for a final project for SMAD..I want meet and greet tickets so badly!

  7. “if i could do it again” and “let me love you on a backroad”

    This will be my 3rd Corey Smith Concert!!!! He is the best!!!!

  8. “twenty-one” is my favorite corey smith song. his lyrics hit home and relate to how i remember things here in georgia. thank you corey smith

  9. I’m absolutely in love with ALL Corey’s songs. I’m a Georgia girl and I relate to all of them. I listen to him constantly. I’d give ANYTHING to meet him 🙂

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