Hanging Out With Corey Smith

In early June of last year, I had the pleasure of seeing Corey Smith play in Lexington with some friends. His music, which created a category of its own, resonated in the intimate outdoor arena of Washington and Lee University.  When we arrived at the venue, I began making my way down a dirt path and could already hear his blissful and catchy music. “Are they playing his CD before the show?!” I asked. When I reached the performance area, I was shocked to see him on stage. Never have I heard an artist sound so much like his recordings. In this day and age, every popular artist that we come across has had their voice so mechanically fine-tuned that it doesn’t even sound human. Then we pay an arm and a leg to go to the concert and hear their music sound nothing as we expected. Corey Smith is one-hundred percent all natural — the real deal. He is what we want out of a musical artist – what a musician is supposed to be.

Beyond his voice, Corey’s lyrics are sincere. He sings about “college towns,”“wishing he was 21,” and high school graduation. These are all ideas to which college students can certainly relate. Having a friend in the fraternity that sponsored the concert, my friend Ashley and I were able to hang out with Corey after the concert. He was relaxed and chill to say the least. He didn’t just stand there and take pictures, but mingled with us. We talked about school and life. Answering our questions sincerely and honestly, he, in turn, asked us questions about our interests. Our star-struck fronts came down when we got a chance to hang out with the band, and it was an experience unlike any other.

I can easily see Corey going big places soon and his setting as a semi-known artist is sure to transform. His music is effortlessly relatable and is a class of country-acoustic-alternative that anyone can enjoy. I feel so lucky to see him for a second time here at JMU; it is truly a magical performance. You can bet anything that I’ll be at the Corey Smith concert on February 11. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, January 22 and I hope to see you all their too.  The experience of this genuine artist is one that everyone should have.

– Natalie

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