“Did You See Me Fall?”

Skiing and snowboarding can be very fun but also dangerous.  I started snowboarding during high school when I visited Vermont.  I went about four or five winters, took lessons, and learned how to make it down a mountain pretty well.  I was definitely not the next coming of Shaun White, though.

My twin brother and I did not wear helmets… we were way too cool for that.  One winter in Stratton, Vermont, my brother zipped by me on his board and got pretty far ahead.  When I eventually caught up with about a quarter of the trail left, I saw him lying down, defeated, on the snow.

“Are you alright?” I asked him.

“Yeah… I don’t know what happened.  Did you see me fall?”

“No, I was behind you; I missed the whole thing.”

“Yeah… I don’t know what happened.  Did you see me fall?”

“Uhh… no.  Are you sure you’re OK?”

“Yeah… I don’t know what happened.  Did you see me fall?”

At this point, I was completely freaked out.  So I did what any loving brother would do: I made him get back up and ride down the remaining quarter of the trail to the bottom.  We had the medics look at him.  He was diagnosed with a concussion.

Not surprisingly, my brother and I got helmets the following Christmas before we went to Vermont.

You should follow our example when you try out your skills at Massanutten Thursday nights this winter. We are co-sponsoring with UREC to bring back Ski Spree. We will be busing students up to the mountain to be able to ski at a reduced price. Hope to see you guys out there!

– Craig

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