How To: Avoid Maxing Out Credit Cards and Jeans

During my winter break, I spent the duration of my vacation at my grandparents’ house. Here, I like to think that I spent most of my stay forming closer bonds with not-so-immediate family and taking time for some rest and relaxation. However, I have to face the facts. I really spent a large chunk of my trip over-spending on holiday gifts and consuming 15 times the recommended amount of Christmas sweets. Sure, at the time it seemed like a great idea to have a lemon-bar eating contest with Uncle Scott and spend a year’s salary on presents for my 18 cousins’ gifts (and nearly max our my credit card in the process).

Now I see these may have not been the smartest decisions, considering I’m going to have to take out a loan to buy ice-cream–not that I need it, considering I have maxed out my jeans along with the card. Spending was not the only guilty pleasure that I indulged in. Currently, I find myself returning as a student with more unneeded financial challenges and now, thanks to these home-cooked pastries, there is just more of me in general.

Thankfully, UPB has come to the rescue and will be starting a new “How To:” series. These events will help students (like me) learn how to do things that will benefit their future. The first event, “How To Finance for the Future: Dodge Your Debt,” will take place in Taylor 402 at 6:00pm on January 19. The second, “Me Fit” shows how to keep the common new year’s resolution of a healthy lifestyle and will occur in Taylor 402 at 6:00pm on January 26. I’m sure many of you found some burdens similar to mine this holiday season and I highly encourage you to join me at these events. I’m thinking these actions will help me figure out how to keep from being so naughty next holiday season.

– Natalie

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