UPB in the Air

Over winter break I went to see Up in the Air with my dad. Now, I consider myself a pretty big film guy, so I felt I had to see what all the buzz was about with this movie. We went to our local art house movie theater on a Wednesday afternoon. Why a Wednesday afternoon you ask? Well my father and I have a genetic trait in common, we’re “frugal” with our money (“cheap” has a bad connotation). So we sat in the theater surrounded by senior citizens…. because naturally Wednesdays are senior citizen discount days. So we sat down to watch a movie about a man who makes his living traveling across the nation to different workplaces and conducting employee layoffs for bosses too cowardly to do it themselves. While this movie isn’t one of the happiest movies around,  it does deal with a topic that millions of people around the world are dealing with on a daily basis.

Since childhood my dad has instilled a tough work ethic in me because of his upbringing on a farm with eight brothers and sisters. Since I was eleven I’ve always had a job ranging from umpiring baseball games to mowing lawns and even to working in various offices. At school I’ve become involved with UPB. Working with the organization for the last two years has been an unbelievable experience and I’ve found that there really is something for everyone –  whether that is event planning, marketing, management, music industry, graphic design, comedians, educational speakers, finance, or just building relationships and making friends. Currently UPB has applications available for Vice President Positions and PIT Crew. VP applications which include the positions of VP of Programming, Marketing, and Membership Development are due by January 25th while PIT Crew Applications are due February 1st. Check out the UPB website to read the  position descriptions and look at the application online.

If you want to get hired, not fired, from a great student run organization fill out an application and drop it off in Taylor 234.

– Zach

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