Breaking Down the “Gay” Assumptions

One of the first questions I always get when people find out I’m gay is “How did you know?” The answer I’d like to give people with a sarcastic smile is “Oh you know, I just woke up one day and BAM! I decided I like guys.” It’s obviously not something that happens overnight and no one has come up with a definite answer as to how/what/why people are homosexual/bisexual. I’d rather not get into the debate about this because I can’t really speak for anyone else. For me the realization came in eighth grade. I caught myself once looking at a boy in gym class and then things were pretty clear =).

Jason Stuart, our comedian for Funny Freakin’ Friday this week on January 15th, is an out and proud gay man. Coming from Hollywood, he has been in movies, TV shows, and performed stand up in comedy shows all over the country. The greatest characteristic of the performer is that his comedy breaks down stereotypes and transcends the boundaries of race, sex, religion, and homosexuality.

In the good old city of Harrisonburg, it’s my goal to help address some of these common assumptions: Gay guys all dress well, speak with a lisp, swing their hips, wear makeup, and all look “gay.” Granted I think I dress well, but some days I just like to kick it back in sweat pants and eat awful food. I don’t speak with a lisp, and I don’t swing my hips, but I could probably out-dance any straight guy. I don’t wear make-up (although Zac Efron does and he’s dating one of the hottest girls in Hollywood.) I have also seen some straight guys who look “gayer” than I do.

The thing to realize is that just like you, the LGBT community comes in all shapes and sizes. I know plenty of gay guys who go to the gym and work out constantly (myself included!). So let’s not judge the book by its cover. Come out this Friday from 8 – 9 PM in TDU and laugh out loud to the silly assumptions you’ve made about me. Plus there will be FREE COOKIES =)

– Patrick

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