Miley Cyrus: There’s No Party at JMU

It somehow happens every year. The student population is briefly conned into thinking that UPB is bringing the biggest music craze to JMU. From a Lil’ Wayne concert to a Three 6 Mafia afterparty, we’ve seen a lot of pranks pulled around this campus in the past. As the PR Director, I was really happy that we didn’t have any episodes so far this year. That was, of course, until Monday morning.

“Miley Cyrus JMU 2010.” Posters claiming the teen sensation was making a trip down to Harrisonburg were planted all over campus (apparently someone still had energy after the rave in the library). Making matters worse, the fliers gave not only details about the date, time, and price, but it also displayed the UPB logo and a replicated stamp of approval.

Fortunately, after some damage control with our Facebook and Twitter accounts, nobody seemed too upset that the Hannah Montana star was not performing in our Convocation Center. I apologize to any avid fans, but in addition to the fact that the pop singer does not tour colleges, she’s also absurdly expensive. So we could either charge everyone several hundred dollars more tuition… or not have Miley for our concert. We choose our battles here at UPB.

Time for the good news. We’re in the final stages of executing our Wilson show contract! Make sure to look for the announcement over break.

– Stephen

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