Good Studying Is Hard To Do

TO ME THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN THE LAST FEW WEEKS OF EVERY SEMESTER. There is a dark haze over the entire JMU community. Tensions and pressures are overwhelming, while spirits and morale are unfortunately morose.

Personally, it seems like a flawed system. After an entire semester’s worth of work, there is generally such a high proportion of your grade still up in the air. For some this can be one last spurring attempt at raising your grade. More often than not; however, these final examinations are just a liability that can drag down averages.

As my goal to help create a happier disposition around campus, I came up with a list of study tips. This advice can not only save you time, but can also help you achieve the scores you need.

  • Make a schedule and prioritize. Trying to revisit everything discussed is a waste of time and energy. If the teacher writes something on the board make sure to put extra emphasis on that subject.
  • Fully dedicate yourself. Just because you have your book or notes in front of you for hours on end does not mean that you’re studying. Turn off the TV and distracting music, get off facebook, and actually pay attention to your course material.
  • Study based on the type of test. If it’s a multiple choice test, there is no reason to throw away the hours spent memorizing loads of charts, facts, and stats. The majority of the time, you’ll do better by just being comfortable with the overall concepts.
  • Make sure to take breaks. Study in hour intervals or less. The brain retains more information if you give yourself a few minutes to relax and process all the information you’ve just gone over.
  • Check to see if your textbook has a website. There are usually practice quizzes and tests online that can be really helpful in determining what you already know and what you should focus on covering.
  • Write on the test if you can. Right before the test, quickly memorize any facts or charts that you know you’ll need. As soon as you the professor says “begin,” write these in the margin.
  • Get some sleep. While you may think that pulling an all-nighter may be the only way for you to excel, you may actually be doing more harm to your test scores. Your brain doesn’t function as sharply without rest, and a lot of information will be lost.

Hopefully these tips will help to lower stress levels this upcoming week. If you need a place to study or take a break Taylor, Warren, and Festival will be open 24/7 with study rooms and distractions. Good luck with finals Dukes!

– Stephen

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