Help Us Choose Our Spring Convo and Wilson Concerts!

It’s time to start choosing our artists to come for next semester’s round of concerts. We highly value your opinions, so if you could just take about two minutes to complete this survey you can actually influence who you could see at JMU this year.

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We’ve got some great options that we are really excited about, but before you start the survey there’s just a couple of things you should know:

1) Please keep in mind that the survey is for information gathering purposes only. Clearly we take the results into consideration, but this does not necessarily guarantee that a certain artist will be performing here.

2) If you really don’t want any of the artists available in a given genre of music – leave the spaces blank. There’s no need in bumping up the numbers for someone you are not planning on seeing anyhow.

Now  CLICK HERE to take the survey!

Also, make sure to check out what else is going on with UPB and around the JMU community with our blog.

42 thoughts on “Help Us Choose Our Spring Convo and Wilson Concerts!

  1. I think Slightly Stoopid, Michael Franti, or Brand New seem like a good fit for JMU.

    Convo Rap: Common, hands down. Cudi’s album is meh.

    Wilson Rap: Dead Prez at JMU? I dont know if anyone listens to their lyrics, but they hate white people.

    I love the arctic monkeys but their new album sucks and probably 5% of the JMU population knows who they are.

  2. i just wanted to thank Michael Larrick for leaving his blog info as well. Ill be sure to check it twice a day from now on…………

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