Sometimes Reading JMU Informational E-mails Actually Pays Off

Stand up comedy is the best way I can think of to completely live in the moment for a matter of minutes. It is almost a liberating feeling, for that space of time anything and everything you say will be listened to. Last year, I had the chance to perform stand up comedy. Here is the short story of the funniest looking comedian you have never heard of. 

Ace Guillam at JMU

Ace Guillam had the crowd laughing at last month's Funny Freakin' Friday

My career began with being annoyed at yet ANOTHER JMU informational email. However that time, for whatever reason, I decided to open it. The message contained the information to audition for the student comedy showcase put on by UPB. I had always wanted to try stand up comedy but had never found a place to try it. Here was my chance.  

I wish I could say that I worked on my routine for weeks, so I will. I worked on my routine for weeks. By weeks I mean hours. I literally wrote my material the day of the audition. When I arrived at the audition, I met a few of the other aspiring comedians auditioning. One was nervous, one was impaired in some way I have yet to figure out, and one was doing calisthenics. Seriously, she was nervous. So as each of us was called in one by one we had the awkward pleasure of being able to hear the laughter or lack of laughter generated by those before us. As my time neared, I wished they would hurry up because I wanted to catch Grey’s Anatomy right after.  

Finally, my name was called. I decided to go with a high-energy approach by using enthusiasm to my advantage. It was not awful I can happily admit. A few people definitely laughed. When I finished and exited the room, I heard my name being called. As I frantically tried to put together some encore jokes in my head, someone informed me that I Erik Griffinhad left my jacket in my room. 

So that was it. All I could do from then on was wait for the results. Luckily, I was selected to perform at the showcase hosted by Adam Hunter at Funny Freakin’ Fridays and it was an awesome night. I personally believe that you can never have too many laughs in your life. I mean, without laughter how can we ever take ourselves seriously? So it really makes sense to go out and support Funny Freakin’ Fridays, who I credit with one of the best nights I have ever had at JMU, and check out comedian Erik Griffin at 8 PM in Taylor Down Under. And in case the members of Spirits and Traditions don’t get it, I think it is clear that the students want another student comedy showcase.

– Steven Butler

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