Welcome to the Rumble

Tonight is going to be a night to remember. Ten bands have made it through the auditions to participate in Rumble Down Under’s fierce battle-royale this evening. Each band only gets a fifteen minute window to excite the audience and impress the judges. The performers are competing for a chance to have UPB program their own concert for the student body this November.

Rumble Down Under

The tentative schedule for the acts is currently:

1. Lights In The Fog 7:00-7:15
2. James Orrigo 7:15-7:30
3. Grant Thomas 7:30-7:45
4. The Sun Kings 7:45-8:00
5. Andrew Rohlk 8:00-8:15
6. Yesterday’s Hero 8:15-8:30
7. Stay At Home Greg 8:30-8:45
8. Whiskers and the Sly Racoon 8:45-9:00
9. Luke Hartman 9:00-9:15
10. The Last Kings 9:15-9:30

I don’t want to introduce any personal bias into this process, but I will tell you that I already own one of these artists’ CDs. Standing out in a campus of over 16,000 undergrad Dukes, the work of these musicians is nothing to scoff at. There is a tremendous amount of talent that flows through this campus. Who knows, maybe one of these artists will go on to experience the success of JMU Alum Phil Vassar. All I can say for sure is that I’ll definitely be in the crowd for this one tonight voting and voicing my opinion on these local bands.

– Stephen

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