Falcon Heene = King of Hide-And-Seek

While I was (obviously) being very productive in the office last week, I happened to turn to CNN and the latest “breaking news.” Reporters thought that somehow a young boy named Falcon Heene managed to get himself a one-way ride on a rogue balloon. Later, though, he was found hiding in a box back at his house………

picture from telegraph.co.ukI’m not even going to touch on how bizarre it is that this was national news, or how disturbing it is to think that this may have all been a ploy for attention by the boy’s parents. I just wanted to give Falcon the respect he deserves for being a true champion at hide-and-seek.

Let’s get this clear. I was a hide-and-seek god as a kid. I found that I could go hours unseen in dark, enclosed, and pretty uncomfortable spaces (Only much later in life did I find out the real reason I was so good at this game. Apparently my older brother would tell me to go hide, and then insted of fulfilling the seek aspect he would just continue to watch TV).

However extraordinary my skills were when I was younger, they still pale in comparison to Falcon, the true prodigy. picture from cbsnews.comHe somehow was able to keep quiet in a box with swarms of media circling his home. That’s talent right there.

The next time I don’t feel like doing a press release for Late Night Breakfast, I’ll take a page out of Falcon’s book – I’ll release a balloon to distract the JMU campus and then quickly use my old talents and hide in a box in the corner of the UPB office………. Fool proof plan right?

– Stephen

One thought on “Falcon Heene = King of Hide-And-Seek

  1. Parenting Fail #1
    The kid’s name is Falcon

    Parenting Fail #2
    WTF: WATCH your kids

    Epic Parenting Fail
    Attention whores having children.

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