Films for a Cause

picture from stardusttrailers.comI’m not quite sure how it happened, but last night I found myself working one of my monthly Grafton shifts for the feature film My Sister‘s Keeper. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been told it’s a good movie…. but I just don’t really associate myself with the whole tear-jerker, family drama scene.

That being said, I was really honored to work with the amazing women of JMU’s chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. The sorority co-sponsored the screening with us to help with their philanthropy Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). If you haven’t heard of this cause before, they provide care for the almost 780,000 American children who can no longer live at home because they are stuck in court cases involving abuse and neglect. According to horrifying statistics from, in this state alone a youth is abused or neglected every 75 minutes, with one child dying every other week.

Unfortunately, the non-profit organizations don’t exactly thrive in the current economy, and CASA is no exception. Donations are down picture from nationalcasa.orgnationwide, so that is why the contributions of groups like Kappa Alpha Theta are so important. We at UPB feel that it is our duty to use our presence on campus to not only bring quality entertainment to the students, but also to strive to help out the community whenever possible. Therefore, we are always looking to collaborate with other campus organizations in an attempt to bring about the greatest benefit to our local area. I hope to see you around Grafton this weekend to support this altruistic endeavor.


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