Coffee: I’ll Never Let You Go

This post goes out to all those daring students who throw caution to the wind — those who say the swine flu warnings are probably over-exaggerated anyway, and that the recommended hours of sleep are just some arbitrary number — this post is for you guys.

picture from blog.symbian.orgSpecifically, I’m empathizing with all the modern rock enthusiasts that are camping out to get their tickets to Third Eye Blind early. Pulling all-nighters, no matter what activities I’m engaging in, is not something that I look forward to. When I have no other options; however, caffeine is the only resource that makes those ungodly morning hours somewhat bearable.

Some aspiring health nuts always try to tell me how terrible coffee is for me, or how my heart is going to explode after my usual 5 black cups a day. These people are unbelievably mistaken. I’m here to arm my fellow caffeine addicts with some facts justifying our affinity for the beverage. According to

  • While your teeth may not be the whitest and brightest, at least they’ll still be real in 50 years. Due to coffee’s antibacterial properties, it helps to fight off one of the major causes of cavities.
  • Just like the song, your heart too will go on. Coffee acts as an anti-inflammatory; therefore, helping to fight off heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the US.
  • It’s going to pump… up! The caffeine present is shown to be beneficial to drink both prior to a workout and following its completion. Your potential during the strenuous picture from gothamcityinsider.comactivity will increase, and ensuing the exercise the drink may aid in reducing muscle pain even better than ibuprofen.
  • During the college years, you may have embraced the “Natural” life a little too much. So you had the….”occasional”…. alcoholic beverage on one of those rare nights that UPB wasn’t offering an alternative program. Some studies have evidence that coffee helps to actually reduce cirrhosis of the liver.
  • You can have the steady hands of a surgeon. Those of you who shun coffee are 30% more likely to develop Parkinson’s Disease.

Mike Ditka said in best in Kicking & Screaming:

“Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions”

– Stephen

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