Third Eye Blind Update

Third Eye BlindHey guys, just thought you all would like some quick  updates on the fall concert situation.

Through the requests of the amazing VP of Marketing Zach Hamby, the band has approved for a meet and greet the night of the show. So we’ve decided that as a reward to those of you dedicated enough to brave the probable rain storms this Wednesday night, a lucky number of you will have the chance to actually hang out backstage with Third Eye Blind themselves. There will also be other prizes available, including tickets to go see Aziz Ansari, tickets to upcoming Grafton movies, posters, CDs, and other UPB parephenalia.

Also, we organized an agreement with Q101. So make sure to tune in to the radio the week of the show, because there will be chances to call in to win some free tickets.

– Stephen

2 thoughts on “Third Eye Blind Update

  1. how many people will win the chance to meet them? is this only for people who camp out (you know i’ll be there!), and is it based on where in line they are?

    • Hey Tyler,
      Of course we’d like to give out as many tickets as possible, but unfortunately the band does have a concert to perform that night as well, and they’ve set a limit on the number we can provide. This opportunity is only available for those who choose to start camping out Wednesday night. We’ll have rotations of crowd control (and measures to make sure that there is no cutting in line), and the chance to win meet and greet tickets are going to be given out randomly by a procedure that Zach and I have come up with.
      – Stephen

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