A Day in the life of UPBer….

One of my first tasks as marketing committee chair of the special event committee was to make mini flyers to stuff in the mailboxes of JMU students, to promote the upcoming comedian Aziz Ansari. This sounded like a really exciting task that Jamie DalsimerI am sure all of the students at JMU appreciate….(it’s not like they walk three steps to the garbage can and throw them out) To start the day I could not find the file of “Aziz flyer” to open on the computer. About ten minutes later, I find the flyer on a computer that had no internet access and was not connected to the common drive. Hmmmm….I am at a loss of what to do for a few minutes. Then I begged someone to let me borrow a flash drive and finally found one. I proceeded to move to another computer with internet activity. Angela attempted to put the flash drive into the computer but it did not show up on this computer. On to the next computer. Angela is holding the flash drive and wiggling it because the connection is ghetto…..I finally (5 minutes later) am successful in opening the flyer on the desktop. After much rearranging and plenty of help I make a sheet with four mini flyers on it.

Time to print….or so I though. I then learn that each person on exec can only print one hundred copies a day in the copy room. There are 5700 mailboxes that need to be stuffed by 4pm the following day!!! We round up seven people on exec that allow up to use their copies for the day and figure out the math….still have MANY more to print tomorrow. I bring the flyer to the copy room with Courtney to make prints. She plugs in the code and selects to make “675” copies and then leaves for class. Apparently, you are supposed to only make 100-150 copies at the time because the machine is old and worn out. The first 100 copies are a success…..then it is a progressively worse downward spiral. The toner is full so must be replaced. Sue, a woman who works in the office, offers her assistance….Twenty minutes later she figures out how to replace the machine with a new container for toner……Another 100 copies or so…..another bump in the road. The machine says the paper is full?….must take out paper and replace it in a neater fashion. picture from african1.be

At this point, I am getting slightly frustrated and pressed for time. Next….the machine is out of paper so we must reload and reset the process. Then the copy machine starts to malfunction and Sue gets worried that it will “blow up in flames.” We mutually agree that it would be best to stop the process before things get worse…..who knows how many copies I have now….not nearly enough. I put all of the flyers on top of the cutting machine in the UPB office and head over to my night class. All throughout my class I was thinking about how much it was going to suck to cut about 400 copies by myself later that night. I finally get back to the UPB office around 7:45pm and to my surprise the copies are all cut and stacked in neat piles! Apparently Zach was my cutting fairy and took care of it while I was in class! It was very unnecessary of them to do this for me but was greatly appreciated….I want to avoid copy rooms from now on J

~Jamie Dalsimer

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