Pixar Perfect

picture from solarnavigator.netSomeone over at Pixar must have sold their soul to the movie gods. They have a 100% success rate at the box office, with all ten of their motion pictures being huge commercial sensations. This kind of feat is absolutely unheard of in the film world.

Despite their monumental success today, the company started with humble roots. Pixar was an animation division of Lucas Arts, the people who bring you Star Wars. Just imagine what a different world it would be if Pixar was behind the recent animation disaster Clone Wars… However, for the better part of a decade the main revenue for the company came from simply making commercials. Finally with the aid of Disney, they exploded through the starting gates of the movie industry with the release of Toy Story in 1995.

With Academy Awards to spare and brand recognition for which any marketing guru would die, Pixar is sitting pretty these days. Finding Nemo? The Incredibles? Wall-e? If a company picture from avoision.comwere involved with any one of these classic stories they would be content. This affiliate of Disney; however, refuses to just settle for just a single memorable tale. The company has released TEN films that have not only earned billions in profits, but have also defined the entire animation industry.

Pixar has set its par at the level of masterpiece, and there is no doubt that Up soars above and beyond these expectations. While the film is playing at Grafton for $2.50 (a fraction of what it is worth to see it on a big screen) you truly owe it to yourself to come out sometime this week and watch what so many people have been hailing as one of the best films of the year.

Also look out for Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 in the next couple years.

– Stephen

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