Sporcle Your Life Away

Need to kill some time between classes? Over the summer I was introduced to Sporcle, a trivia website, and I was tragically hooked. I despise feeling like I need to check certain websites everyday in order to function, but I find myself taking the daily quizzes as if it were a matter of life and death. So when JMU came up in one quiz I was elated. Granted, this statement is coming from a guy who consistently watches Jeopardy (and you better believe that I voted for Cash Cab‘s Ben Bailey for our Convo show).

picture from sporcle.com

I go out of my way to take these assessments of useless knowledge, but if you find yourself unable to complete life’s daily tasks due to over-sporcling please do yourself a favor and come out to the UPB booth at Student Org Night tomorrow to give yourself some real work to do.

By the way, I only got 10/30 on the quiz linked above. Geography’s just not my thing.

– Stephen

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