80 One In a Million

JMU is a pioneer in the music industry. One of JMU’s many resources that I feel is not fully realized by the Dukes is our own 80 One Records. I recently had Danny Lampton, the Director of the record label for the 08-09 school year answer a few questions for me.
  • What is 80 One Records and why should the JMU students be interested in its presence on the campus?

Students should be interested in 80 One Records because it is one of the few student-run record labels in the nation, and it can only be as strong as the committee members who run it! Its existence allows for the nurturing of both JMU and local music artists, and also the entertainment and education of JMU students about all aspects of the music industry. In this, students who are interested in getting involved in the music industry in any capacity after college can get an invaluable head start by being involved with 80 One Records.

  • What was the state of the label when you took over last fall, and what kind of changes did you make?

Just one year ago, the committee was in a sort of identity-crisis. The very real changes in the music industry were showing their tangible impact with the label. This is why the committee regrouped and put an enhanced focus on both the label’s capacity and its goals for the future. This has translated to 80 One Records having 3 facets reflecting its reach and the current state of the music industry: Middle Agent (to network with artists and organizations to provide for groundbreaking events); Venue (to provide the appropriate place on campus for performances and to seek out a high level and diverse palette of artists); and Record Label (to maintain the original intent of the label to administer all aspects of a record label at the professional level).

  • What are the short-term and long-term goals, especially now that UPB has set a revenue requirement for the label?

The idea is that this added pressure for revenue expectations will encourage committee member participation at the highest level so that 80 One Records not only attracts numerous hot artists, but also that the added incentive will maintain the integrity of the committee for the long-term.

  • What was your most memorable/favorite experience in the last year with 80 One?
My most memorable experience working with 80 One Records was the success of the 1st annual Record Deal Rumble. This provided for an excited and engaged committee and for a revamped and reputable 80 One Records so that we had better luck with our endeavors for the year.
80 One Records
Keep on the look out for future 80 One Records events, such as the return of the Record Deal Rumble this October. I’d also suggest you tune in to one of our most prominent artists Josh Vana and let us know what you think.
– Stephen

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