Life Might Not Be Such A Beach Anymore…

As a junior at JMU, I finally witnessed the infamous religious rants on the commons yesterday. I had always been left wondering why everybody always came back from this man’s preachings so fired up, and now I know why. I mean who doesn’t appreciate being called a sinner who’s going to burn for an eternity?

beach 1With an abundance of controversy and elevated vocal chords I anxiously await the transformation the commons will take today– from the coercive exchanges to the calm ‘beach” of the Aloha Crazy Commons. The coastline is my personal version of Eden (I’d love to hear a certain pastor’s reaction to that statement). Wherever my life takes me, I hope one day to settle down as close to the ocean as possible.

That is…. if the beaches will still be there. With these future aspirations of a life by the sea, I am hoping that the beach will still be there despite erosion of the coastline from global warming. According to, an estimated 167,000 acres of dry land will be covered within the century.

We are fast approaching a “tipping point,” after which we can never recover inbeach 2 terms of our environment. I found President Obama’s plan for actually cooling the earth’s atmosphere to help slow global warming, called geoengineering, an interesting solution to look into.

Think this is either the solution to all our problems or the cause of the alleged end of the world in 2012? I’d love to hear it from you guys.

– Stephen

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